The National Day of Caring is an initiative of United Way Trinidad and Tobago started in 2013. Board Member, Mr. Gervase Warner, President and Group Chairman of Massy Group challenged his colleagues and companies alike to spend a little time and effort with their employees to create a spirit of volunteerism where everyone’s effort can impact lasting change in and around our communities of Trinidad & Tobago.

Since 2008, United Way Trinidad & Tobago hosted its annual Day of Caring exclusively for children from over a dozen children’s homes from across the country supported by the UWTT.

All Companies in Trinidad & Tobago are invited to take part and those who have in the past, look forward to this memorable third Sunday in May. The day and in fact the weekend it falls in represents a chance for members of staff to plan and execute a project of their choice geared towards helping those who need it.

Volunteers for projects can range from a few persons to over a thousand per project. Here are a few examples:

  • Environmental cleanups
  • Infrastructural refurbishment
  • Cleaning and repair of schools
  • Mentorship activities

Many of these projects help form a lasting relationship between the company and beneficiary

Available Projects, Registration/Follow Up Forms & NDOC

We’ve taken the time to compile a list of Schools and NGO’s with available projects for you to choose from to give you some options if you may not have any in mind.

Please see the link below for details:

Collective Working

Remember that you can by all means work individually or collectively and form partnerships to have a greater impact on projects as we had 10 collective working project last year.

NDOC 2018 Report

Have a look at our NDOC 2018 Report:


The planning starts months before the day itself, so if you would like to get your staff involved, or if you would like to propose a project for volunteers to undertake in 2018 please email or  to start the conversation today!