About Trinidad & Tobago | United Way Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a Twin Island State located just five miles off the northeast coast of Venezuela. It is at the southern end of the Caribbean Archipelago stretching from of the coast of Florida in the USA to Venezuela in South America.
Trinidad and Tobago is a member of the British Commonwealth. The ethnically diverse population of approximately 1.3 million is full of talent and energy and is engaged in an enthralling mix of cultural activities.
Trinidad and Tobago is an industrialized emerging market, with a robust energy sector and growing manufacturing industry.
Like all other nations, Trinidad and Tobago faces serious social issues including the drug trade and the gang criminal activity that characterizes this illicit trade, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, delinquency and violence in schools.
The Government has developed and implemented several social programmes to address the problems and is targeting poverty (estimated at 17.1%) as a priority. A large number of NGOs and CBOs have emerged over the years to deal directly with specific critical areas, and they are doing an impressive job. However, they face many challenges largely due to inadequate funding. It is this need that gave birth to United Way Trinidad and Tobago.