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Global Giving Tuesday

Nurses. Doctors. Grocery store employees. Delivery drivers. Warehouse workers. First responders. Truck drivers. Cleaners. There are so many people who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak. They continue to help keep our community safe and the world running. To honor and celebrate their ongoing sacrifice, let’s say thank you!

May 5: Say Thank You

Join United Way Trinidad and Tobago on May 5 as part of our National Time of Caring when we rally the entire community to say thank you to the essential workers who have tirelessly and bravely continued to do their jobs. Our effort will be one part of a bigger day of giving and unity called #GivingTuesdayNow.

As an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, we are joining nonprofits and individual people around the world in a special #GivingTuesdayNow event. On May 5 people around the world will take action to collectively drive an influx of generosity, citizen engagement, business and philanthropy activation, and support for communities and nonprofits around the world.

We want to show the world that United Way Trinidad and Tobago is United for frontline workers!

Ways to Say Thank You

There are many ways to say thank you. Below are some ideas our staff put together. Choose one – or more – so frontline workers can know how much our community appreciates them! If you have other ideas let us know by emailing unitedway@uwtt.com and we will add them to the list.

1. Make a sign for your window or front yard

Make someone’s commute to work brighter by posting a sign in your window or front yard telling frontline workers how much they mean to our community. This is a great project for kids!

2. Be kind

Essential workers who are keeping grocery, convenience and pharmacy stores open see large groups of people every day. When you must shop at one of these stores, be respectful of the people working there. Tell them thank you, wear a protective mask, keep your distance from employees and be kind to team members and other customers. These small acts can help workers feel appreciated and safer at their jobs.

3. Share a message on social media

As we all keep our physical distance, connecting online has become even more important. Using social media is a great way to thank frontline workers. You can tag people you know or send a general message using the hashtags #FrontlineLove, #FrontlineHeroes, #COVIDHeroes or #AloneTogether #DareToCareTT #PhysicalDistancing #ShareTheCareTT. On May 5, you can also reshare posts from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn channels.

4. Leave items for delivery workers

Delivery workers are putting in long hours and many find it hard to get to the store. Help them by leaving items such as water bottles, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, snacks and other essentials that will get them through their day or save them a trip to the store. Remember to sanitize the items as best as you can and leave instructions so the delivery people do the same.

5. Join a daily salute

Across the world, many communities are now doing a daily salute to frontline workers by lighting candles, applauding, cheering, howling or sounding horns at a certain time of day. Check neighborhood Facebook groups, posts on Next Door and local newspapers to find one that is happening in your neighborhood.

6. Donate to the UWTT Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund

The UWTT COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) will not only be used to support our frontline/essential workers, but also NGO’s, Primary schools and Lower Income groups who have been affected by this pandemic. To donate you can text the word GIVE to HELP (4357) from their bmobile phones or visit  https://uwtt.com/time-of-caring/response-recovery-fund/ to find out how to give directly through any of our major local banks.

7. Stay at home and if not Practice Physical Distancing

The most important thing you can do to thank frontline workers is to stay home and/or practice physical distancing. When we all stay home and physical distance, we limit the spread of COVID-19. So limit outings to essential trips to the grocery store, medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, walking pets and helping the vulnerable. When outside, use social distancing to stay at least six feet away from others.

Even though we are apart, we can still be United. Let’s show frontline workers that we are in this together!

Donate to UWTT COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund


The UWTT COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) is part of the UWTT National Time of Caring Response to support the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak and the recovery of those communities most affected by the outbreak.  UWTT is seeding the CRRF with $50,000 by reallocating from our operating expenses to this priority need.  Please join us in this fight, every donation counts.

For the month of April 2020, all funds donated from the general public to our bank accounts will go the CRRF.  In keeping the ‘Stay at Home’ order, you can do this by donating online to any one of our bank accounts listed below, to minimize any related transaction costs to you or the Fund.

  • First Citizens – #1367844
  • RBC Royal Bank – #100088110396955
  • Republic Bank – #180473293901
  • Scotiabank – #74815000170637

UWTT is a registered Non Profit Company since 1999 with charitable status.

UWTT will not be charging any administrative costs on the CRRF and will report on funds raised on our website on a weekly basis.  We are working with other Non Profit Partners to develop ways to reach the most vulnerable and support projects related to the COVID 19 Response.  Some of these include:

  • Health Workers-  Food and Meal Support
  • NGOs- ensuring access to small grants for continued operations
  • School Communities- funding essential projects
  • Persons affected by the COVID 19 outbreak – elderly, loss of work, persons with disabilities
  • Community Heroes Daring to Make a Difference

National Time of Caring 2020


The United Way Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) is launching the UWTT National Time of Caring 2020 (NTOC) and the UWTT COVID 19 Recovery and Response Fund (CRRF) as our 2020 initiatives to support our communities to raise the conversation to one of Caring and Hope and get through these uncertain times.

Our strong message is that, more than ever, we need to work together as a country to beat the COVID- 19 outbreak and to recover as equitably as possible – this crisis will have its toll.  Your continued support to our ability to serve vulnerable communities remains as important as ever.

The UWTT COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) will enable us to respond to the gaps in the national response as the situation develops, and as with other Crisis Funds we have managed, aims at also supporting the recovery work that comes after.    Every contribution counts as this crisis is affecting us all, pooling in one fund will help takes action to scale.

In keeping with National Policy on social distancing, we will build on our 6 years of working on the UWTT National Day of Caring (NDOC) volunteer event, as we cannot think of a more fitting social media platform than our social impact messaging #daretocareTT and #sharethecareTT, launched last year, to support collective action over the next few months into recovery.

We believe that we can work together to make a difference, and the challenge will be how we can do that safely and responsibly from wherever we are.  Already, there are many examples of communities helping communities, people finding creative ways to virtually communicate and support each other within the new social norms.

We thank you again for your continued support and partnership, through your donations, volunteerism and advocacy, and look forward to working with you in helping our nation in these uncertain times to continue to Dare to Care and to LIVE UNITED.


Executive Committee of UWTT

Ian Benjamin                  Board Chair
Vincent Pereira               Board Deputy Chair
Ian Welch Chair, Donations and Marketing Committee
Wayne Moze Chair, Allocations and NGO Committee


Keep Hope Afloat: Flood Risk Management in Trinidad and Tobago

United Way Trinidad and Tobago has undertaken a public flood information campaign to spread awareness and strengthen already existing stakeholder relationships in integrated flood risk management. We believe that empowerment through information is a key step in building our medium to long term resilience. We invite you visit the landing page at: https://communi-tt.tracking-progress.org/frm/ and to share local content.

This project is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 13- Climate Action

Flood events do not always have to mean a disaster if we can work together to reduce flood likelihood and the vulnerability of physical structures and citizens. Flood risk management involves an integrated approach by various stakeholders to increase a population’s capacity to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from a flood event.

See our video series on YouTube for the campaign by visiting the following links:

Keep Hope Afloat

1. Working Together

2. Understanding Flooding and Its Causes

3. Empowering Action

Also stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for more features on our tips on how you can Prevent.Prepare.Recover. in the event of a flood.

NDOC 2019 Dare to Care Campaign

For this year’s National Day of Caring our theme is #DARETOCARETT – T&T needs more Heroes.

It continues our social impact messaging over the last years from ‘Changing the conversation to hope, possible and encourage’ to 2018 ‘You are the Missing Piece’.

We are also strengthening our campaign focus to greater follow up after NDOC to #SHARETHECARE and for a greater, more sustained sharing of acts of kindness.

Part of this is the Dare to Care Challenge where:

  1. You do a dare
  2. Post it & tag #DareToCareTT
  3. Dare a friend


See the list below to get an idea of the dares you can choose from:

Dare to make a difference every day. Share the list, tag a friend, do the dare!


If you need support or contact information for a community leader or charitable organization you can inbox us on FB @UnitedWayTT







Save the Date National Day of Caring 2019- 26th May

Can We Count You In?


The countdown is on to the National Day of Caring 2019!
Sunday 26th May


Calling all Company Champions and their Volunteers to reach out to us and register your project today.

Email us at unitedway@uwtt.com for details.



And visit the Day of Caring page for further info:



BHP Trinidad and Tobago partners with UWTT for Long Term Flood Relief

BHP has partnered with United Way Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) for medium to long term flood relief and mitigation activities in Trinidad and Tobago by donating TT$337,000 to support response programs.
The partnership will focus on rebuilding activities and a public awareness program on mitigating the impact of natural hazards.
In photo left to right are – Brian Harry (BHP), Charlene Sogren (BHP), Stacey Welch (BHP), Kendall Teloka (United Way), Dr. Jennifer Sancho (United Way) and Sheldon Narine (BHP)