Donation Process | United Way Trinidad and Tobago


We raise funds via:
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Corporate and Individual Donations (including Bank Standing Orders)
  • Fundraising Events
  • Grant Funding from local and International Donors.

United Way allocates grants to deserving NGOs and CBOs only in Trinidad and Tobago, after careful assessment of these organizations and their programmes. Our NGO Committee assesses applications from NGOs.

There’s Convenience in Donating through UWTT:
  1. We believe that a truly united effort is required in delivering poverty relief programmes and in providing many other critical social services.

  3. The United Way structured mechanism of payroll deductions, bank standing orders and corporate gifts allows consistent, reliable monthly cash flows to NGOs and CBOs, which is meaningful and convenient as it allows them to concentrate on service delivery. The NGOs and CBOs are doing excellent work and deliver services which include: poverty alleviation, elder care, child care, youth skills development, peer counseling, literacy programmes and generally other relevant social services. They survive on gifts from donors and in a number of cases Government subventions and donations. UWTT brings a reliable and structured cash flow to support their operations.

  5. Small amounts from employees add up to considerable funds. Employees give to one Community Fund, and with the multiplier effect, it makes a huge difference in the total amount of funds available for distribution.

  7. There is transparency and accountability in the distribution of funds. United Way monitors the progress of projects and therefore, Donors can have the confidence that their donation is going to benefit the people who need it most.
Identifying the Needs of Our Society

We employ market research to determine the specific elements of our key focus areas which may require special attention at that time. Our priority areas for funding: family life, youth skills development and education, children at risk and elder care.

Transparency & Accountability

Donors are updated regularly as to the programmes which their donations fund via an e-newsletters and direct communication. UWTT also publishes its independently audited year-end financial statements.